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Our Sorting Service makes the chore of bottle return convenient and easy.  We suggest that you remove all caps and separate your alcohol and non-alcohol containers at home.

This will save time at the counter

Our dedicated staff are available to count your items with accuracy and speed.Once everything has been sorted and totaled you’ll receive a receipt to take to our cashier where you’ll receive your deposit refund.

Our Sorting Service makes the chore of bottle return convenient and easy.  We suggest that you remove all caps and separate your alcohol and non-alcohol containers at home.

Take advantage of our Drop-And-Go Service

No line ups to contend with…

Bring your items in and see the cashier to get receipt for pick up of your items the next day… Leave them with us and we’ll count & process them and call you to pick up your deposit refund (processing time may vary during busy seasons).

Business Services and Fundraising

We have many business, sport and school fundraising projects that hold accounts with us.  They may organize a bottle drive or have a running account where all they have to do is tell people to bring deposit containers in and quote the account number.  

The transaction is then posted to the requested account. This is an easy, effective way to raise money for whatever your cause is.  Call our office to inquire…  

Call us for your bottle drive plans…  604-532-0239

Bottle Drives are great way to raise money for your Cause, Sports Club or Association!

With some planning, on average, you can raise $500 with 10-12 kids and 6 parents in a half day.  You can also choose to open an account with us and set up continuous fundraising where family and friends drop their bottles all year around and apply it to your account. Call for more information…

Easy Steps For a successful Bottle Drive:

  • Plan a date for the drive and a meeting place where the is space to gather and sort the bottles
  • Call Willowbrook Recycling Inc. at 604-532-0239 to make arrangements for Pick up or Drop off appointment time.  We can discuss supplies required as well.
  • Plan who will drive and what vehicles will be used to collect the bottles.
  • To advertise, prepare brochures requesting bottle donations for your organization, request them to put the brochure on the bags and leave them out on the date you will pick up.
  • Have each person drop brochures to the houses in their neighborhood on week before the drive.
  • Arrange to pick up bottle drive kits from Willowbrook Recycling Inc.
  • On the day, pick up containers from the neighborhoods and bring them to your sorting area
  • Sort your cans and other containers into bags and the bottles into boxes being careful to follow the directions and counts we supply in the kit.
  • Bring your pre-sorted containers to the depot and we will process them. Or, if you arrange a pick-up in advance we will load our truck and take everything to the depot for processing.

Payment is issued and Voila! – Success!

When we process bottle drives a standard percentage fee will be charged and subtracted from the final total.  This fee can be discounted if the bottle drive is fully pre-sorted to our standards and correctly bagged and tagged with no contaminants or non-conformant bottles present.

A contamination and/or audit fee ($25+) will be charged when trash or other non-accepted items are mixed in the bags.  We must protect the health and safety of our workers and keep the facility clean.

***check on our blog for announcements and promotions randomly put on to help you raise extra dollars for your cause***

  • Commercial & Community Services
  • Pick-Up & Account Services
  • School Recycling Program
  • Fundraisers & Bottle Drives