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The British Columbia Recycling Regulation (2004) provides a single results-based framework for Extended Producer Responsibility with an emphasis on environmental outcomes and program performance. One of the most significant outcomes is a recovery goal of 75%[5]

The Regulation includes core requirements that apply to all producers and stewardship programs with specific product category provisions listed in schedules.  All ready-to-drink beverages sold in the province are required to be offered for sale in recyclable or refillable containers. All are subject to a deposit; with the exception of milk and milk substitutes.

The deposit-refund system is operated by the beverage producers and there are no statutory fees or charges remitted to government under the system. To carry out deposit-refund obligations within a common province-wide system, beverage producers have formed two stewardship agencies. Brewers Distributor Ltd. (BDL) serves as a stewardship agency for most domestic beer and some cider brands. Encorp Pacific (Canada) serves as the industry’s container stewardship agency for all other beverage types including wine, coolers, spirits, some import beer and all non-alcoholic beverages.

The Recycling Regulation prescribes deposit-refund requirements for sellers of containers. All retailers selling beverage containers are to collect beverage container deposits at the point of sale and pay refunds for redeemed containers of the same type and brand that the retailer sells in an amount equal to the deposit collected. Retailers are entitled under the regulation to limit the total number of returns to 24 containers per person per day. Further, retailers are not required to accept any container that is contaminated, rusty, dirty, was purchased outside of the province or cannot be reasonably identified as a deposit bearing beverage container.

Restaurants and pubs are charged deposits by the appropriate stewardship agency and are responsible for the redemption of containers, but are exempt from charging the consumer the deposit if the beverage is consumed on the premises.

Stewardship program funding is the responsibility of the producer. Both Encorp Pacific and Brewers Distributor Ltd. pay various handling fees to authorized depots and contracted retailers.

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