Welcome to Willowbrook Recycling

We Sort For You… But Just A Little Preparation Will Help Move Things Along Much Faster When Cashing In …

With our sorting stations, service is convenient and fast.  We would suggest that you remove all caps and separate your alcohol and non-alcohol containers at home.  This will save you waiting time in line.   Our dedicated staff is available to sort and count your items with you when you arrive.  Once everything is totalled you receive a receipt to take to our cashier and obtain your deposit refund.

Ask about our “drop off” service.  You can leave your items with us, we’ll process them and call you to pick up your deposit refund (please inquire about current processing time).  No line ups this way…

Fees apply but it’s definitely worth the convenience…

We have many business, sport and school fundraising projects that hold accounts with us.  All they have to do is tell people to bring used beverage containers in and quote the account number and their transaction is applied to the account.  This is an easy, effective way to raise money whatever your cause may be.

Items and Containers We Accept

Electronics – Please go to www.encorp.ca for a list of accepted electronic items.

Aluminum Cans, Glass Bottles, Drink Boxes, Gable Top Containers, Bag in a Box and Pouches, Bi-Metal (Tomato/Apple Juice Cans), Gable Top Cartons, Beer/Wine Bottles, Milk Jugs/Cartons(no deposit), Paper, Cardboard, Magazines and Newsprint.

Paint Products (Must be Labeled and Sealed)

Spray Paint, Latex Paints, Floor/Deck Paints, Varnish, Primers/Sealers, Marine Enamel, Wood Finishing Products, Rust Paint, Fence/Barn/Swimming Pool Paints, Driveway Sealers and Empty Paint Containers.


The following items are not accepted:

Trash,  Propane Tanks, Furniture, Hazardous Materials, Glues and Adhesives, Flammable Paints, Auto Paint, Roof Patch, Brushes/Rags/Rollers, Wood, Books, Broken Glass, Rusty or Damaged Cans.

When in doubt, please call and ask before bringing items in.

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