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Electronic Productsreturn-it-electronics

TV’s, Stereos, VCR’s, DVR’s, Microwaves, Computers, Laptops, mouses, cords Printers, Speakers, Musical Instruments etc…

        glassbottlesplasticjugsdrinkboxes aluminum

Used Beverage Containers for Deposit Refundreturn-it-beverage

   Deposit refund 5¢  10¢  20¢   Beer 7¢ for single or $1 in case.  Aluminum Cans, Glass Bottles, Drink Boxes, Gable Top Containers, Bag in a Box and Pouches, Bi-Meta (Tomato/Apple Juice Cans), Gable Top Cartons, Beer/Wine Bottles.  


Paper and Printed Packaging logo mmbc

Paper, Cardboard, Magazines and News print, Food Containers, Milk Jugs/Cartons(no deposit) etc.

Click on icon below for list of accepted items for product-care items.

  Paint-BC smoke-co-alarms LightRecycle-BC Small-Appliances-BC power-tools    

We are a “Paint Products ONLY’ site (Containers Must be Labeled and Sealed)

Spray Paint, Latex Paints, Floor/Deck Paints, Varnish, Primers/Sealers, Marine Enamel, Wood Finishing Products, Rust Paint, Fence/Barn/Swimming Pool Paints, Driveway Sealers and Empty Paint Containers.

Need to Recycle a Product we don’t take?  Find out where… 

Click here


Below are items we DO NOT accept.   Please call and ask before bringing items in.

No Trash 

No Hazardous liquids or products

No Oil or Auto Products

No Propane Tanks

No Water Coolers or Small Fridges

No Furniture

No Mattresses

No Large Appliances

No Hazardous Materials

No Glues and Adhesives

No Flammable Paints

No Auto Paint

No  Roof Patch

No Brushes/Rags/Rollers

No Wood

No Broken Glass

No Rusty or Damaged Cans.


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