Fundraising and Charity

If you are looking for a way to generate funds for your group, Willowbrook Recycling Inc. is able to help. We have a few unique options to make fundraising simple.

Set Up a Drop-Off Account: As a non-profit group, set up an account with Willowbrook Recycling Inc. and have your members and supporters drop off their bottles at our depot to donate to you.  We’ll sort and count the donation and credit your organization with a refund.  We’ll send you a cheque upon request as desired.  There is a 10% service charge for all accounts.

A Bottle Round Up Competition: Start out your fundraising by challenging your team members.  Offer a prize to the one collecting the most containers for drop-off at Willowbrook Recycling Inc. Then encourage members and supporters to donate regularly through a drop-off account.

A Bottle Drive: Run a bottle drive. It’s easier than you think.  Please see our Bottle Drive link for more information on running a successful Bottle Drive.

For further information call 604.532.0225 or e-mail us at to set up a fundraising initiative.
Willowbrook Recycling Inc. supports community groups/charities/ around the lower mainland. We offer the opportunity to set up accounts so that people can come in and donate their bottles.   Our default charity recipient is The Children’s Hospital

Thank you for your support to these societies.