Deposits are charged when products are purchased. They are returned in full when you bring back the empty container for recycling.

For safety reasons, please be sure to remove all caps before bringing bottles in.

Non-Alcohol Alcohol Beer
Soft Drinks, Juice, Water, Sports Drinks Wine, Spirits, Import Beers & Coolers Import Beers
5¢ | Up to and including 1L (one litre) 10¢ | Up to and including 1L (one litre) 7¢ \ for singles
20¢ | Bigger than 1L 20¢ | Bigger than 1L $1 per dozen | (brought back in the case)


Below are the types of used beverage containers included in the Return-It system.

Plastic Bottles

The familiar plastic soft drink and water bottles, including coolers and some spirits. Containers may be clear or coloured.  Please remove all caps.

Other Plastic Jugs, Cups, and Bottles

Clear, tinted and opaque plastic and vinyl containers.  Please remove all caps.

Aluminum Cans

The most commonly used individual serving container. Please leave the pull tabs on.  Separate alcohol from non-alcohol containers.

Polycoat Containers

Aseptic “drink boxes” and coated “gable top” drink cartons

Bag-in-a-box and Pouches

Large “bags” of wine in a cardboard carton, usually with a spigot for in-fridge use.  Both the bag and the box must be returned.  Single serve drink pouches are also in this category.

Glass Bottles

The everyday glass juice and beverage bottles, as well as wine, spirits, imported beer and coolers. Tinted and clear.  Please remove all caps or lids.

Other Metal Cans

Any metal container other than aluminum ranging from small single serve tins to large tomato and apple juice cans.